MAY 2022: Greece


In the week of May 9 to 13, 2022, the third of the mobilities planned in the project was held.

The participants in this third mobility have met the objectives pursued on this occasion, which were none other than the following:

The modernization of agricultural and livestock production activity has caused the welfare state to acquire levels appropriate to the times in which we live.

The sustainability of production techniques is an important basis for a development that is respectful of the most traditional uses and customs that are also quite respectful of the environment.

Get to know the environment in which life takes place in Mouzaki and in nearby towns such as Karditsa, Trikala, etc…

Get to know the capital of the country, both in its most tourist-promoted area and in those areas that are not so dedicated to tourism.

Know the means of transportation and land communications networks that are available in the country visited.

May 8, 2022.

First day in Greece, we had the opportunity to meet:

Neighborhood surrounding Omonia Square, where you can see how the economic crisis has had an impact, with numerous businesses closed.

Neighborhood around Plaza Sintagma and Plaka, where a large part of the businesses dedicated entirely to tourism are concentrated, with big brand stores, as well as numerous restaurant establishments.

The surroundings of the Acropolis as well as the different museums and university academies that are located near Parliament.

Greece's train network, in which the speed and quality of the country's railway service was experienced, until reaching Karditsa.

May 9, 2022.

Second day in Greece, first in Mouzaki, the following activities took place:

Reception at the institute by the Director and its teaching staff.

Presentations from the different countries around the topic that had been decided to develop in this mobility.

During the afternoon a kite workshop was held to fly them outdoors the next day. Collaborative work in mixed groups of students from different countries, technique for harnessing wind energy.

May 10, 2022.

Third day in Greece, second in Mouzaki, the following activities took place:

Visit to the vocational training center "Center Laboratory" in Karditsa. In this center, studies are carried out in various fields: health, agriculture, automobile mechanics, refrigeration and air conditioning, electricity and electronics.

Visit to the artificial lake of Plastira, created essentially to store irrigation water, and used for outdoor sports activities.

He finished the day by flying the kites made on Monday, where he could see how the wind is an engine of energy.

May 11, 2022.

Fourth day in Greece, third in Mouzaki. The following activities were developed.

Workshop on sustainability and use of renewable energy at the Karditsa environmental center.

Reception by the mayor and local authorities at the town hall, where we were able to learn about the origin of the town as a central part of a series of attached towns, as well as the reconstruction works carried out after a natural disaster due to the accumulation of sewage water. runoff during a strong storm a few years ago, and which destroyed, among other buildings, the region's Hospital.

3D printing workshop, which took place at the EPAL in Mouzaki.

May 12, 2022.

Fifth day in Greece, fourth in Mouzaki. The following activities were developed:

Visit to the Meteora complex, made up of a series of monasteries in which a series of museums about monastic life are collected in these buildings in a place with an extraordinary natural environment. Built on rock emerged from the Ocean in ancient times and surrounded by a valley with impressive views. Despite the tourist nature of this enclave, it is mandatory to respect the customs of respect for these places of worship.

Finally a visit was made to Trikala.

May 13, 2022.

Sixth day in Greece, fifth in Mouzaki. The following activities were developed:

First thing in the morning, a Gymkhana was held in the town of Mouzaki, with the clues used for this activity being questions about issues pertaining to the project and the different participating countries, such as culinary characteristics of olive oil, etc.

A visit was made to the Fanari fortification, a surveillance castle built on high ground, from which the entire valley can be controlled, which is currently irrigated cropland, where you can see expanses of pasture for livestock as well as corn and cotton crops.

To end the day and with it the mobility, a farewell dinner was held where the certificates and other accredited documentation were delivered.

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