MAY 2023: Czech Republic, Prague


Fifth and last of the planned mobilities, held during the week of May 1 to 5, 2023.

The project has continued to develop according to the planned program of activities.

On this occasion, the students' presentations focused on the development of sustainable agriculture and livestock farming.

We have made visits to centers and companies related to the objectives of the project, as well as a guided tour of the city of Prague to learn about the history and main monuments of the city.

The program has been developed as follows:

Presentations by members from the different participating countries and mutual knowledge activities.

Guided tour of the Old Town of Prague. On a tour from the John Lennon Wall to the Powder Tower, we appreciated and learned about the history and main monuments of Prague.

Visit to the Holovousy biotechnology company and the Horice institute, its facilities and its agricultural operation. The process of selecting plants and seeds so that they are resistant to diseases, droughts, etc. was explained to us.

Visit to the Kladbury State Stables. Protected site in the UNESCO World Heritage for preserving facilities and an ancestral way of breeding the Kladruber breed.

Visit to the National Museum of Agriculture and Environment. Visit to the Prague Secondary School of Business, Hospitality and Gastronomy. Presentation of works prepared by students. Certificate of attendance delivery ceremony.

Visit to the Prague Botanical Garden and Butterfly Garden.

In addition to these activities included in the official program, others have been carried out outside the program:

Visit to the Jewish Quarter of Prague, cemetery and synagogues.

Visit to the New Town of Prague: Dancing Houses building and National Theater.

Visit to Vysehrad Castle, basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul and cemetery of illustrious people of the country.

Visit to the Reina Sofía National Museum in Madrid.

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