NOVEMBER 2022: Czech, Horice


During the week of November 29 to December 3, 2021, the first of the project exchanges was held with a complete program of activities. The mornings have been dedicated to meeting the project objectives and the afternoons to learning about the culture and traditions of Horice and nearby cities, as well as the Cerna Hora ski resort. The last day was spent getting to know the beautiful capital of the country, Prague.

Within the first, the students and accompanying teachers have participated in tasks such as:

Presentations by students from their countries, cities and institutes and their work on food production.

Visit to the robotics laboratories and workshops of the Dvur Technical Institute.

Reception by the mayor of the city, with an exchange of opinions on the differences and common problems that affect each of our locations of residence.

Visit to the Dvur Zoo, with presentations by the technical director of the environmental problems faced by different species of animals.

Visit to the farm of the host institute of this exchange. It was possible to observe the way pigs, cows, horses, etc. were raised. The milk extraction area was also visited and the students experimented with different devices for measuring the properties of the product.

Visit to the farm of an important agricultural company where it was possible to see how technology is used for the distribution of all its production for the different supermarket chains in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries.

Knowledge of the Ecomlade contest in English.

Visit to the historic center of Prague.

Castillo, where the guide teacher explained the country's government system, its legislative chambers and territorial distribution.

Cathedral, to admire this wonderful work of Gothic art.

Observation and study of the medieval clock of the Old City Hall, with explanations of its different dials.

Old synagogues, Prague Jewish Cemetery and the small Holocaust museum.

Dancing house, example of modern architecture.

The objectives of the project have been largely met, especially the most pursued in this type of mobility: integration between students from the four countries, complicity between them and great capacity for working in mixed groups.

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